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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the track of the storm which equals a warmer solution which equals less snow, we're still going to see an afternoon mix develop on sunday. you can count on that, doesn't matter what the track is. a slight shift in this track, however, would make it all snow. the models are much different now than 24 hours ago. 24 hours ago i would have said all snow. right now we'll say mix to rain maybe ending in snow. we'll come back and talk about who could stay snow during the entire event. new questions about the fire department response to that deadly mansion fire in annapolis. now initially dispatchers sent just one engine. it wasn't until more calls came in that more units were rushed out. bruce leshan is live in annapolis with more on the investigation. what have you learned? >> reporter: i've learned the anne arundel county fire department is still investigating its response to the blaze, but some firefighters think that with alarms sounding here in the basement and on the first and second floor dispatchers should
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have initially sent far more than simply a single fire engine. >> fire ambulance exact location of your emergency? >> fire alarm at 936 child's point road. >> 936 child's point? >> yes, sir. >> you can hear the call taker as the alarm company called in the first report. >> it says first and second floor smoke detector and basement. >> reporter: and the dispatcher sending a single engine. >> 811, engine 351 responding alarm sounding. >> reporter: it was not until two or three minutes later after a anybody called that dispatchers sent a full complement of firefighters, four engines, a ladder truck, battalion chief, two tankers and a paramedic unit. >> i mean the whole hastiest fire. >> reporter: was it appropriate just to send a single engine to this call? >> sure. that's a standard report in anne arundel county. >> reporter: at least one expert says this house is
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screaming that it was on fire, don and sandy pyle and their four young grandchildren all died in the blaze. he says you have fire alarms going off on the second floor, first floor and the basement. that sounds like pretty serious. >> right. and it's not unusual to receive malfunctioning alarms that would report multiple alarms. >> reporter: anne arundel county says it gets 3500 alarms like this every year. it says sending a half dozen units to each would pose its own dangers. >> there's risk of them becoming involved in accidents. >> reporter: officials also say by the time the very first unit arrived the floors and ceiling were already starting to collapse. they blame a faulty electrical you want let and a christmas tree. a test by federal fire scientists shows a dry tree can go from ignition to a ball of flame in seconds. >> having the additional personnel is not likely to
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change the outcome. >> reporter: the fire department is expected to release the timeline on its response to this sometime next week, but investigators are also going to be looking at how long it took the private alarm company to turn around the alert. the alarm company tried to call the homeowner first. firefighters say the first thing that that alarm company should have done, call them, get those fire trucks rolling. jan and lesli, back to you. a north bethesda man is fighting for his life after being badly burned in an early morning townhome fire. it started around 1:30 on brewer house road off tuckerman lane. the man was woken up by the smoke alarm and tried to put out the flames himself. then he ran next-door to call 911 when that did not work. >> then i came out to drive my toson the bus stop and looking at the unit and it's like gee, this is terrible. it's a lot of damage. unfortunately i had to think about that huge fire in
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annapolis. >> the flames were mostly contained to the one townhome. investigators say the fire was caused by an overheating electrical outlet. the home is a total loss. the sons of carol glover, the woman who died on a metro train when it filled with smoke almost three weeks ago, are suing metro for $50 million. debra alfarone spoke to anthony and marcus glover today and joins us live from the newsroom. how are they doing? >> marcus and anthony say they aren't bitter. they know the lawsuit won't bring their beloved mother back, but they don't want anyone to go through the heartbreak they're going through. simply put, their mom was their light. >> she was always happy. i don't -- i can honestly say not just because she's my mom. i can honestly say i haven't met anyone as nice and giving, as happy as her. >> reporter: anthony glover and his brother marcus don't want anyone to experience the devastating loss their whole family is grappling with.
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>> my mother was a gift from god to our family and to our community. >> reporter: the brothers are suing wmata for $50 million saying it was their negligence that caused their mom, 61-year- old carol glover's death after smoke filled a metro train january 12th. the lawsuit alleges she fought ever more agonizingly to breathe as the smoke gradually sapped the life from her body. among the alleged wmata fails, the ventilation system, radio compatibility, failure to shut down power quickly and a less than timely 45 minute evacuation. >> we want to seek justice not only for our family, but for this area and for everybody who rides the metro system. for me personally and i can say the same for my brother, though we're devastated, we're not bitter. we just want to do what's right. >> everything that could go wrong on january 12th went wrong and it cost my two
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clients to my left their mother. it cost these grandchildren their grandmother and this was a completely preventible incident. >> i reached out to metro. they have no comment on the lawsuit. the investigation into what happened is still ongoing and it's expected that this legal fight will take months, maybe years. back to you, lesli. two d.c. fire and ems employees are being investigated for fraud. kimberly pinkney and torrell mccray reportedly spent thousands of dollars on gas cards for personal use. they are on leave while the fire department investigates the alleged fraud. today former massachusetts governor mitt romney ended the suspense about another run for president . mark albert reports from the white house. >> reporter: mitt romney says he won't make a third run for
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the white house. in a phone call to supporters and staff romney said after putting considerable thought into making another run for president, i've decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. the gop pick in 2012 said he was convinced he could win the republican nomination again but that it would have been a hard fight. >> his core weakness was that people didn't think he knew who he was. when you run a third time, that totally underscores that central weakness by suggesting it's taken you three times to figure out who you are. >> reporter: jeb bush may have the most to gain from romney stepping aside tweeting, "though i'm sure today's decision was not easy i know that mitt romney will never stop advocating for renewing america's promise." romney said someone from the next generation of leaders may be better able to beat the democratic nominee possibly opening the door for florida senator marco rubio or wisconsin governor scott walker.
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>> what i see in the states and the people of this country outside of washington is a craving for something new, fresh. >> reporter: romney dines friday night with a possible 2016 contender who is already a household name, new jersey governor chris christie. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. >> romney said on the call it was unlikely he would change his mind. today's high winds caused some power outages and we could see more tonight. peggy fox is in boston where people are all bundled up tonight. >> reporter: yes. see a lot of people out here with this face including me. it's cold! the thermometer says it's 35, but it feels like it's in the 20s and when these winds kicked in today, they took a lot of people by surprise. the hill that's home to the most recognizable monument in washington just might be the windiest spot in town. >> it's a very windy day.
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>> reporter: the high winds certainly made for a bad hair day. >> a little windy out here. within two tourists from australia don't mind it's -- >> reporter: two tourists from australia don't mind it's summer back home. >> how you doing in the wind? >> it's freezing, dude. it's really cold. >> why you out here? >> because it's washington. >> reporter: military ospreys navigated the strong steady 35 mile-per-hour winds. down river at bradley point you could watch planes coming in for some shaky afternoon landings. >> it could be worse. it could be snowing. >> reporter: yeah. we had some of that this morning, but it didn't stick. the winds will be around until tonight. >> icy blast. my poor kids' cheeks are pretty red. >> reporter: tell me what this people like out here. >> cold. >> reporter: yeah? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: why are you all bundled up like that? >> so i keep warm.
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>> go hawks! >> reporter: some folks like the wind. what do you think of this wind? >> anything below 70 is way below freezing as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: you really need to be bundled up out here, very cold. i saw one guy just walk, run by in shorts. he definitely looked cold. those power outages happened down in woodbridge. we could see more tonight with these winds kicking up, branches falling. keep an eye on that. i'm peggy fox reporting in boston, back to you. a hyattsville man has been sentenced to two years behind bars for a deadly hit and run crash. 30-year-old liam adepo pleaded guilty in november to leaving a fatal accident scene. prosecutors dropped other charges in exchange for the guilty plea. police say adepo struck and
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killed 22-year-old cory hubbard as he crossed route 1 in college park last january. prosecutors say adepo was shown on surveillance video staggering out of a college park bar shortly before the crash. metro transit police are reporting a significant drop in crime last year. major crime was down 27%, in fact. transit police attribute the drop to increased customer awareness and new technology. fewer robberies and thefts of mobile devices and bikes were big 9çñofactors in the 2014 crime drop. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a man accused of kidnapping a montgomery county judge is in court today. mola lenghi tells us the bizarre story at 5:30. >> plus top is back with more on the winter weather expected sunday night. >> and we're live in arizona for super bowl xlix, what both teams are being forced to do to make sure the footballs are all properly inflated.
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the deflategate controversy has led to a change in the way the footballs will be handled leading up to the big game. >> terry, you talked to the super bowl referee about what officials will be looking for on sunday. >> reporter: this has been a tough year for the nfl both on and off the field and roger goodell insists changes are being instituted, the latest, who is overseeing those
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football before the big game. the patriots and seahawks have been practicing with the football they will use on sunday, but friday night is the deadline to surrender them to nfl officials. >> for the super bowl there's 54 footballs per team. >> reporter: a league designated equipment manager will safeguard the 108 balls until three hours before kickoff. that's when he delivers them to the officiating team. >> we inspect them. we gauge them and basically approve or disapprove of the football. >> reporter: the added layer of ball han ling security for this week's -- handling security for this weekend's game comes as it's investigated whether the new england patriots intentionally deflated footballs for the afc championship game. >> whether an advantage is gained or not is secondary in any mind to whether that rule was violated. -- in my mind to whether that rule was violated. >> reporter: the crew will do
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random uniform checks and look for anything that hints of a rules violation. >> there's always gray area in officiating and the bottom line how i judge it, is someone gaining an advantage or someone put at a disadvantage? >> reporter: the nfl is hoping those judgment calls will help avoid a replay of deflategate. you may be wondering why 54 balls per team are allowed in the super bowl. it seems like a lot, but it's really nothing new. they rotate those balls more frequently into the game so that later on they can take the balls and auction them off at charity events. >> that was your question. you wanted to know why so many balls in a game. >> the thing is they give some of those balls away obviously, too, if it's a touchdown or they keep them. >> it's nice they're keeping track of the pressure, but it's phoenix. no one will care, pretty warm, not an issue really.
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>> you got some deflated hopes on that snow. >> i am crushed today. >> i know you are. we had a bit of snow shower activity earlier today, but unfortunately it's probably not a harbinger of what's to come. the winds have picked up now and looking at a pretty cold night. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures 36, winds now northwest at 21, sustained wind. the dew point 12. that's pretty low. our relative humidity is only 37%. the temps will continue to fall. let's talk about the snow. this is the track i think the storm will take now, which is a mix to a rain track essentially just north of d.c. or maybe just overhead. it will bring up just enough warm air to produce a mix initially and then kicking it over to rain, certainly in the district and east of i-95. winter storm watches cover much of the midwest. what would it take? not much. this is the track yesterday.
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it would have been here and instead it's off to the north. we'll watch it. there's going to be an arctic boundary just about 100 miles north of us. this thing takes a further south track, it will be more of a mess. expect a mix sunday afternoon and we've issued a yellow alert sunday and also monday. winds tonight will gust about 40 miles per hour until about midnight, wind chills 5 below to 10 above tonight. saturday quiet, cold, winds diminish in the afternoon and then a close call sunday, an afternoon mix, then probably a mix north and west of town and then looking at just rain downtown, but still a slow commute any way you slice it monday morning. wind gust tracker 9:00 tonight, winds could gust to 36 miles per hour downtown, 32 miles per hour at midnight. then the contures lift a little, maybe a 27 mile-per- hour wind gust in the morning and by noon well below 27 mile-
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per-hour wind gust and switch and become southwesterly and die down by tomorrow afternoon and evening. look ahead now, futurecast 2:00 sunday. there's your snow in blue, mix in magenta and rain in green. this particular model, it's pretty warm and doesn't bring a lot of precipitation to the immediate metro area. we'll take it three, by 11:00 heading home, north of town mix, downtown rain. 5:30 in the morning rain, but snow and sleet north and west of us. hagerstown might be all snow while it's rain in d.c. and a mixture in between in frederick. day planner 19 at 7:00, 20s at 9:00 and 11:00, finally 31 with sunshine by 1:00. yellow alert sunday, an evening or afternoon mix, 38. a mix or rain could end monday in snow and temperatures will fall monday afternoon and evening. we're back in the low 30s tuesday, almost 50 wednesday, kind of nice. another system approaches thursday with an arctic front, could see rain or snow showers
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and much colder next friday with highs in the 20s. we'll be on the air at 4 a.m. monday with all the information you need to get out the door, plus you can stay up to date on all the weather news and possible closings on our wusa9 app. you can download it for free for your apple or android devices. are you living paycheck to paycheck? a new report shows you have a lot of company. >> plus some fascinating stats when it comes to the super bowl and pizzas. >> and a little later a missing virginia teen is found hundreds of miles away, how cops were able to track her down.
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in tonight's consumer alert after a volatile week on wall street stocks were down again today on word the u.s. economy slowed in the last three months of 2014, the dow down 252 points, nasdaq down 48 points. 47% is the number of u.s. households that say they live paycheck to paycheck. a pugh charitable trust analysis finds that almost half of families spend all the money they make to pay bills. a typical middle class family would use up their savings in 21 days and their retirement or
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their investment savings within four months. is up beam is recalling about -- sun beam is recalling about 34,000 of these home oil fill heaters. hot oil can spray out of the heater and potentially burn you. these were sold in target and other small department stores across the nation. the consumer product safety commission says stop using them and contact sun beam to get a full refund. you may soon be able to get a checkup for your mind and your body at whole foods. the upscale supermarket chain is looking to offer medical care and exercise classes in clinics. the whole foods says it's going to focus on nutrition and preventive medicine. i'm sure many of us won't be minding our diet this sunday. it's super bowl and it's super bowl sunday which means it's a big day for pizza delivery. it's also expected 12.2 million pies will be delivered to fan. pizza hut says it anticipates
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1,700 orders every minute right before kickoff. we'll be doing our part. >> absolutely. applications are now beak accepted for the annual -- being accepted for the annual marion barry summer youth program in d.c. >> mayor muriel bowser said there were 1,500 applicants in the first 30 minutes. at today's kickoff bowser paid tribute to the late marion barry who launched the program back in 1979. >> when i go to other cities across the country, they frequently ask me how do you employ thousands, 14,000, 15,000 young people each and every year and i always tell them it was because of the commitment of marion barry. >> the program gives part-time summer work to teen-agers 14 and older as well as young adults. a blues band at one of the country's most prestigious colleges, reason for the big
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move coming up. >> plus why hip-hop mogul suge knight could be facing murder charges. >> reporter: i'm mola lenghi
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>> reporter: rick lee sanning pled guilty today to the incident stemming from last year with the maryland judge audrey crayton and two other judges. he will spend three years in prison. >> a friend of mine was really drunk at my house and he forced me to drive him. >> reporter: that voice was montgomery county judge audrey crayton. that friend was rick lee senning. he kidnapped and assaulted her the night she made the call. >> he's really, really drunk pulling my hair and making me pull over. >> where did you drop him off? >> i bailed out of my car. >> reporter: senning would crash her car into another car injuring a 13-year-old boy and his father. for that night he will spend three years behind bars. >> we feel this plea deal does a good job compensating
5:30 pm
everyone. >> we hope the punishment serves the other member of the incident, ms. audrey crayton, is everybodied out and dealt with appropriately. >> reporter: -- is served out and dealt with appropriately. >> reporter: senning's attorney wanted to see judge crayton removed from the bench. she admitted to having a relationship with senning. >> the judge was involved in a relationship that was clearly inappropriate that led to the incident. >> he's a friend of yours? >> yeah. >> a boyfriend or -- >> not really. he's very drunk. >> she lied to the police after the incident. she obstructed justice. we're hoping the appropriate prosecutors take appropriate steps. >> we don't believe any false statements were made. >> reporter: judge crayton did not attend or submit a written victim statement to friday's hearing. >> she if the a lot had been made of this case -- felt a lot had been made of this case of who the victim was and she really wanted this to be about the crime that took place.
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>> reporter: as far as a possible punishment for judge crayton, the maryland commission on judicial disabilities, an i understand penalty body, they have the authority -- an independent body, they have the authority to investigate complaints made against maryland judges and make recommendations for the state to take action, but it's unclear at this point whether they're looking into judge crayton. an alleged police impersonator is behind bars tonight accused of trying to pull over a real cop about 1 a.m. yesterday. an off duty police officer says this man, shawn robinson, was following him in a crown vic in dumfries and turned on the spotlight attached to his car. the real cop pulled over. the fake cop never got out of his car but sped away. he was arrested a short time later. it is day four for the search for a 17-year-old from stafford county in the air, in the water and on foot. investigators are looking all over the county for daniel marston. he has never wandered off before, but daniel is considered endangered because
5:32 pm
sources say he is dealing with mental health issues. right now they just can't say whether he got into a car with someone or if he could still be wandering out there somewhere. the teen from southern virginia who disappeared monday has been found thanks in part to a facebook post. 16-year-old aysia monique lewis was found this morning in arkansas along with the 33-year- old man she was traveling with. virginia state police were concerned after learning that donald he woulden -- donald qwesenberry jr. had traveled from illinois to meet the teen. >> with the help of the fbi and the virginia state police specifically, their ability to help us with social media, give us many of the tips that we needed to pinpoint her to little rock, arkansas. >> qwesenberry posted on facebook she's safe. i would never hurt her in any shape, form or fashion. i've asked her to go home
5:33 pm
several time and she won't. aysia's family is heading down to arkansas to be reunited with her soon. hip-hop mogul suge knight is facing murder charges in connection with a deadly hit and run accident. knight turned himself into police overnight. witnesses say knight was arguing with two men in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in compton, california, yesterday afternoon. >> i noticed that they was arguing pretty loud. suge knight turned around and walked towards his car. >> witnesses say he got inside his truck and ran down one of the men. one of the men actor terry carter died. knight's lawyer claims knight ran the men down while he was attacked. the hip-hop mogul has a history of run-ins with the law. one of the nation's most prestigious colleges plans some sweeping changes to combat sex assaults. dartmouth will ban hard liquor. each year students will go through a mandatory program to prevent sexual violence. injure reek a sexual -- jericka
5:34 pm
duncan reports from hanover. >> reporter: no one will be allowed to possess hard alcohol on campus. if fraternities and sororities don't comply, they'll shut the entire system down. >> what is the environment that will enable dartmouth to fulfill our potential? >> reporter: the ivy league has long ranked among the institutes of higher learning, but students have also had a reputation of partying hard. the unofficial mascot is a keg of beer. the college in one of the oldest fraternity chapters were the inspiration for the 1978 film animal house. debbie guzman is a senior. in october she announced why she left her sorority in an open letter to the school newspaper. >> what was your experience? >> my experience has been that my friends have suffered from sexual assault. >> reporter: joe carey is also
5:35 pm
a senior. >> until now nobody has taken steps that are dramatic enough. >> reporter: beginning next year freshmen will be required to complete a four year sexual violence prevention program, the first of its kind in the country. as for the new alcohol guidelines, they go into effect in the spring term. jericka duncan, cbs news, hanover, new hampshire. >> there were 35 reports of sexual assault on the dartmouth campus back in 2013. the man whose small plane crashed into the pacific ocean this week is sharing his story. >> he had some incredible new video. fortunately for lou morton his aircraft was equipped with a parachute and coastguard rescuers were nearby. their amazing video shows that plane falling from the sky and morton was also filming go pro video from the cockpit as things were unfolding. it showed him gazing toward the pacific and to the cruise ship on its way to rescue him. the aircraft and morton made a relatively gentle ocean landing. >> it was a pretty aggressive
5:36 pm
hit hitting the water 15 to 20 miles an hour without any injuries. it's a pretty remarkable thing to be able to say. >> after this safe landing on the water morton climbed into an emergency craft. check this out. he was picked up by a holland america cruise ship. he said he still carries the life jacket are wore that day everywhere he goes -- jacket he wore that day everywhere he goes. maryland casino doing something to pay less money in taxes. >> also trending now, an update on a much loved koala. >> and super bowl tickets are still available if you're willing to pay up. >> wind chills are just tanking now. it feel like 11 in gaithersburg now, people like 17 in leesburg and frederick. we'll come back, talk about how low they'll go tonight. check this out. watch the grand canyon fill with clouds, a little inversion setup. doesn't happen often. the canyon sort of just
5:37 pm
disappears. we'll disappear and come back in just
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. taking a look at trending stories right now, the adorable
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koala being treated for burns that became a social media darling last week has been released back into the wild. jeremy was treated for burns after a wildfire in australia. animal clinic workers say little jeremy has made a complete recovery. the only thing left for jeremy is to get used to not having any more room service. that would be tough to give up. we're just a couple days from the super bowl and believe it or not there are still tickets. >> on stubhub you can score some nose bleed seats for $8,000. premium seats will set you back more than 40 grand. the super bowl only deals in paper tickets, so that makes the whole process a bit more challenging for the people who run stubhub. the champion has been crowned in a slightly less than prestigious event, the wing bowl 22 in philadelphia. >> patrick bernaletti took down a gut busting 444 wings.
5:41 pm
wrestling legend mick foley was kicked out for hiding wings in a fannie pack, such a black eye for a sport with so much dignity. straight ahead no information on one of the most popular flu fighting medicines. >> coming up in sports a local school and one of its star athletes keeps the proper perspective when it comes to national signing day.
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the fate of two isis hostages is still unclear tonight after the deadline for a prisoner swap has come and gone. one of the hostages is a jordanian pilot. isis is demanding jordan release a woman held on death row for a failed suicide bomb attempt. the other hostage is a japanese journalist. testimony has ended on the second day of the aaron hernandez murder trial. the former new england patriot is accused of killing 27-year- old oden lloyd in 2013. today a fire captain took the stand to identify the bullet wounds lloyd suffered. explode's mother was overcome with emotion and had to leave the courtroom. testimony in the case resumes
5:45 pm
monday. the naval sea systems command building will open on monday. that building was the site of a mass shooting on september 13th in 2013. 12 people were killed, four others wounded. after the shooting most people were moved to buzzard point in southwest d.c. temporarily and renovations were made to the building. in today's health alert the flu season is rough and particularly dangerous for the elderly. the latest report from the centers for disease control and prevention shows this season has a record number of flu patient over 65. the dominant strain is h3n2. it is not a good match to the vaccine which we know now. new research shows anti viral like tamiflu can shorten symptoms by at least one day. the data tracked nine studies that involved over 4,300 adults. february 4th is world cancer day and regal cinemas is hosting an exclusive screening of the award winning
5:46 pm
documentary no evidence of disease. it's a movie about a rock and roll band made up of gynecologists. their goal is to bring awareness to cancers that strike women below the belt. >> the reason we selected ned is it's an acronym in college we use all the type and it's the words every patient wants to hear. what's your assessment today? it's ned, no evidence of disease. >> the screenings will take place in 44 cities across the country. you can see the movies in the district, bethesda and alexandria locally. does your loved one snore like this and keep you at night? heavy snoring is not only a nuisance but a major health risk. we'll show you tonight a new device some say could help. a snoring cure tonight at 11:00. always watching al tracking wusa9 -- always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> i wouldn't know if anybody snores. maybe i do. as soon as my head hits the
5:47 pm
pillow, i'm out. i don't decompress. i go right out. >> gibby snores. >> my dog does, too. >> a little bit. >> what's it sound like? >> like a small human. >> really? >> my dog does, too, because my dog is old. he's continue years old. >> my dog is, too. we are looking at very cold air, winds gusting to 40 mile- per-hour. wind chills will dive below 0 tonight. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures falling, 36 downtown. that number is deceiving. everyone else is in the upper 20s to around 30 right now. keeping track of temperatures at national is deceiving. dew point is 12, very dry air mass. winds are still northwest at 21. that is a sustained average wind. wind are gusting almost to 40. winds will -- wind are gusting almost to 40.
5:48 pm
wind will gust overnight. wind chills 5 below to 10 above. cover up your exposed skin tonight and remember the pets. make sure they get inside tonight. saturday quiet and cold and then close call sunday, looks like a p.m. mix probably going to rain, d.c. south, i-95 east, could stay as a mix between say d.c. and frederick. could stay all snow in hagerstown, very close call. we're missing a good snow by an eyelash. this time yesterday i would have said we got a really good chance at snow, not so much today. here's the scenario. low pressure will come at us from missouri. this is what we showed you yesterday coming out of the southwest, lots of snow in the midwest. winter storm watches have been posted and it rolls along the ohio river and will go just north of us. snow up in pennsylvania. chambersburg and fayetteville all snow and happy valley all snow. we'll probably have a mix, but south of town and east of 95 looks like a cold rain late
5:49 pm
sunday night into monday. it bears watching. wind gust tracker 9:00 tonight winds could gust to 36, 37 miles per hour. by midnight still gusting around 30. you see by morning the contours begin to lift out. so do the winds. by morning 7:00 winds are still gusting to maybe 20, 25 miles per hour. then they relax. by lunchtime 10 to 15 miles per hour and notice they're beginning to turn more southwesterly getting into the evening hours saturday. here's the big picture, futurecast. we'll cut to the chase. 2:00 on sunday super bowl sunday, a little snow, a little mix. this is pretty dry in term of precipitation, but prepare for a mix on sunday initially no matter which track the storm takes. after that the track determines what happens sunday night into monday morning. by 6:00 kickoff time or near kickoff time we've got
5:50 pm
everything, rain, a mix and snow north of i-70. by 11:00 i think this may be a little far with the mix. i think the mix may hold on into upper montgomery county, certainly probably going to rain in d.c. and points south and east. by 5:00 i think the mix is still right along the mason- dixon line monday morning. we've issued a yellow alert for sunday and going to be a mess monday. we're just talking about rainfall. tonight looks like this, clear skies, windy, very cold. wind chill 5 below to 10 above and winds out of the northwest 15 to 30 and rather gusty. break it down. city temps on the day planner, 19 at 7:00 and sunshine, 20s at 9:00, 27 at 11:00 and 31 with sunshine at 1:00. we've got the yellow alert sunday, yellow alert monday. the rain could end as snow briefly monday, temperatures back in the mid-30s. next seven days cold on tuesday, dry, kind of a break on wednesday, near 50. more cold air thursday and
5:51 pm
friday. trying to develop a storm off the coast. we'll say rain or snow shower possible thursday, then just back in the deep freeze on friday. we're less than a week away from the biggest day in some area youngsters' lives. sports is often the focus of national signing day, but it also represents a student athlete's commitment to academics. in this week's high school profile kristen berset visits a school and player thinking about more than just football. >> reporter: when it comes to preparing kids for life after high school friendship collegiate academy in northeast d.c. has found plenty of success using athletics as a getaway to a bright future. >> talking about the 40 year plan, not so much the four year plan and how they're going to set themselves up for the future. >> reporter: mike hunter is the head football coach at friendship collegiate. of one of hunter's 21 senior players have received offers to play in college.
5:52 pm
>> we kind of feel it's our job and duty to make sure they get their just do. we're going to -- due. we're going to contact every school in america to make sure they have the right school that fits for them. >> because they actually do care about where you want to go in the future. >> reporter: knights captain highlights this year's signing day. he's ranked the 14th best offensive guard in the class of 2015. >> he's a hard nosed guy who works really hard. he's never the guy you have to always push. he pushes himself. he pushes his teammates. >> reporter: he's been getting recruitment limits since his freshman year in high school and over half a dozen -- letters since his freshman year in high school and over half a dozen shoeboxes later he's got it whittled down. the decision isn't just about suiting up on saturdays. he's looking at the big picture. >> education and relationship with the coach and mostly like
5:53 pm
how it can help me get a job if football doesn't work out for me. >> reporter: in northeast d.c. kristen berset, wusa9. >> good luck. we're hoping he's going to maryland. ladies, remember coming up next week on wednesday we'll be covering the dmv profiling not just football, but the young men and women signing their letters celebrating scholarship. it's a big day, national signing day. >> big day for the kids and the parents. >> not just the boys, the young allegeds as well. at 6:20 we turn our attention to the final day of super bowl interviews and wouldn't you know it, robert griffin, iii back in the news. one of his heisman trophy brothers with a rather ill description of griffin coming up. >> oh, no, not more hate. where's the love? thanks, dave. coming up at 6:00 stacking the deck in their favor how a move by maryland casinos to get more table games and fewer slots could affect the quality
5:54 pm
of your child's education. >> but first a texas restaurant is serving up gourmet food and
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
laminate flooring. 877-241-luna a rather unique restaurant is making its debut this week in dallas. >> cafe momentum is getting a lot of attention for its gourmet food and for serving up second chances to juvenile offenders. omar villafranca was there on opening night. >> reporter: the tables are set. the food is prepped, but
5:57 pm
executive chef chad houser is still nervous. >> this is what a large community of people in dallas have worked for for 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: he isn't worried that the donated plates don't match or patrons have to pour their own wine. he just wants diners to give his staff a chance. the 37 teenagers serving food and creating it are juvenile offenders. for many it's a first paycheck. >> i watched my grandma cook and stuff and i always wanted to cook. so i thought it would be a good opportunity. >> they are so proud. one young man said he's going to go buy his mama flowers. >> reporter: the employees aren't just servers. they learn all parts of the restaurant business from cleaning pots and pans to making pastries. 18-year-old aaron rodgers spent two years in the justice system on burglary charges. he admits he knew more about the streets than the kitchen. >> now i can see me finally making something of myself and going back to school one day. >> reporter: houser used to hire kids for catering events and saw that almost 90% of them
5:58 pm
stayed out of trouble. now he's hoping to hire 60 teenagers a year. >> it's about the kids and it's something for them to take pride in, for them to be able to say i did this. >> reporter: for kids like aaron the program could be a recipe for success. omar villafranca, cbs news dallas. >> cafe momentum employees earn $10 an hour and do not accept tips. thank you for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. knew at 6:00 starts right now. -- wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: coming up what the maryland gaming commission has just done that might surprise you. >> we're tracking big winds tonight, wind chills below zero, but we're focused on this storm system on super bowl sunday. you can plan on a mix in the afternoon and evening. the question is will it stay snow, go to sleet or eventually rain? >> reporter: he was there everything and now the sons of
5:59 pm
carol glover, the woman that died in the metro tunnel incident are suing wmata. we're talking about sharp reactions today to what the maryland gaming commission just did which a lot of outraged people say looks like a huge give-away to the casino owners at the expense of you know who. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. scott broom is live at anne arundel mills to explain all this stuff. >> reporter: you know who would be, of course, we the people who in maryland voted for slot machine gambling on the promise that machine would be heavily taxed and that money used all for education. fast forward now, a new governor talks about cuts to education at the same time that yesterday casinos got approval to shift a lot of their business over to games where
6:00 pm
they get to keep a lot more of money for themselves. >> well, i think that's what they're doing, bait and switch. i mean they make one promise and turn around and do something else. >> reporter: that something else is table games which make maryland's casinos a lot more money, but leave some taxpayers wondering what hit them. >> they tricked us. >> reporter: gambling opponents say marylanders have been fooled. thursday maryland's gaming commission voted to allow maryland live! and the new horseshoe casino in baltimore to get rid of 300 slot machines each which are taxed at 67% and replace them with dozens of table games that are taxed at just 20%. that's a 47% tax cut on gambling revenues from machines to live games and casinos get to keep change. prince george's county senator anthony muse is outraged. >> we expect certain


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